tediro facts at a glance

Founding year: 2020

Managing directors:
Anke Mayfarth
Dr. Christian Sternitzke

Publicly funded R&D projects:

  • ROGER (2016-2019, Thüringer Aufbaubank) – results were acquired from MetraLabs and Ilmenau University of Technology
  • ROSMON (EU H2020 DIH HERO) – results will be acquired from MetraLabs
  • Design and creation of mobile service robot (2021, Thüringer Aufbaubank) – Robot Design – tediro
  • Development of a system with a mobile assistance robot for gait training on forearm supports with a focus on inpatient rehabilitation (2021, Thüringer Aufbaubank) – Application Software – tediro
  • Digital bonus (2021, Thüringer Aufbaubank)
  • Technology transfer (2021, Sächsiche Aufbaubank) – Technology – tediro


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